Creates Green Homes & Quality Lifestyle

We own the world’s the one and only “full set of core technology of low light level power drive system”, that creates green homes and quality lifestyle. The technology and products is the company’s executive director, devoted nearly nine years of research achievements in scientific research, and has been awarded by the Patent Bureau China, a series of invention patents, utility model patents, the appearance of a patent certificate, enough to set off a street light revolution.

The core of our product has gone through years of market testing. Their features such as innovative, practical, convenient, safe, cost efficient, trouble free and long life, make them unique in the market and popular with customers, far surpassing all competitors.

The “Low Light Level Power Drive Lighting System” can fully replace the current city street light head and the solar street lighting system. It is a simple installation process by just unplugging the old high-energy light head, plug in our zero-electricity-cost “Light Energy Street Light Head”, tighten the retaining screws, and it is done.

Eight (8) characteristics;

1-         Zero Electricity Cost.

2-         Zero Wiring.

3-         Zero Maintenance.

4-         Zero Hazard.

5-         Zero Energy consumption.

6-         Zero Pollution.

7-         Zero Carbon Emissions.

8-         Zero Administration.

The product has been certified with CE certification which certifies that the product has met EU health, safety and environmental requirements (IP65 & IP66) that ensure consumer and workplace safety. We have a long – term fixed customer service to serve you 24-hours all year round via telephone, e-mail and fax to take your orders, provide replacement, delivery, return and coordinate every matter and concerns on the product.